NEW Update** Seasonal Whipped Body Frosting Restock

NEW Update** Seasonal Whipped Body Frosting Restock

Whipped Body Frosting by Cosmic Bath & Beauty

Hello beauties!

I wanted to update you regarding one of our most popular products of the season and that's our Whipped Body Frostings.

I know! You wait paitiently all year for this luxurious whipped body frosting to come available for your dry, itchy cold weather skin and most years getting this to you has only been a problem of how quickly I can make it and send it out to you. However this year is very, very different.

However! I've got an update for you :)

My shipments have arrived and it looks like I'll be making the next batches of Whipped Body Frosting as soon as next week. Which means you'll see them being restocked on the website as early as Tuesday or Wednesday. 

Check the website for availability and thank you so much for your patience.