Saying Goodbye to Local Front Porch Pickup

Saying Goodbye to Local Front Porch Pickup


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*** Edited February 13, 2021 ***

Hi everyone!

As of today February 13, 2021, we will be discontinuing offering Local Front Porch Pickup.

We began offering a safe scheduled local pickup option during the early days of quarantine when all of our lives were far less busy. However, with restriction beginning to lessen, many of you and myself as well are juggling a more hectic schedule and accomodating and rescheduling pick-up times have been much more stressful for me now than when we first started.

I do want to offer you a bit of a silver lining and that's that we will be testing out a new option for locals with a delivery address within 10 miles of Cosmic and that's Free Local Delivery on Wednesdays. Deliveries will not be a scheduled time and you will not have to be home to receive them however you can expect your order delivered to the address provided on the very next Wednesday after ordering between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm and we will send a delivery confirmation text, once delivered to your door.

What to know if your address qualifies?

Just add your goodies to your shopping cart and head on over to the checkout. Local delivery will automatically pop-up as an option if your address falls within our free delivery radius.

Don't see it as an option?

If you're in one of our surrounding areas, don't hesitate to send me a message. This free local delivery is in a test phase but if it goes well we'd love to add surrounding areas and maybe your's will be next!



*** Edited 10/29/20 ***

Hi there friends!

It's fall 2020 and our lives are getting busier and this week alone I completely messed up two local pickups simply because I'm not home 24/7 anymore like I was back when quarantine first started in spring.

It's been on my mind to update our Local Pickup procedures and this week's flubs confirmed my feelings.

Scheduled local pickups will still be available at checkout but with a few new tweaks that I think are important for you to be aware of. I think by now, we are all able to make decisions about our health, manage our own risk, and be courteous to our neighbor or the person standing next to us. And after 6 months of living socially distanced and in masks - we know what's appropriate and what is not at this time.

That being said, beginning November I will be scheduling local pickup through a text message on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays and in groups between 8 am - 1 pm or 2 pm - 7 pm. By scheduling in groups, you have more flexibility to pick up when it's convenient for you either morning or afternoon and it will no longer be necessary to reschedule when you are running late as long as you pick up in your window.

This also means that your package will not be the only order on the pickup shelf. I ask that you continue to wear your face mask when picking up, especially now when you may be crossing paths with another customer. All orders will be clearly labeled, so no worries about taking home the wrong order.

What about porch pirates? I do have a security camera on my front porch and I can review video if packages are reported stolen. If you show up in your scheduled order pickup window and don't find your package there, please call or text me. I can review the film to confirm theft and report the merchandise stolen and replace your items.

I think these changes are mutually beneficial for all of us. I understand the cost of shipping one order can be as much as your favorite Cosmic product so I don't mind offering local pickup as long as it's serving us all well.


*** Original Post 4/30/20 ***


Hey friend!

Beginning Friday April 17th, we slowly began rolling out a safe scheduled front porch pickup option for our local customers. In the past two weeks we've learned a lot and are ready to make this free option to you.

I am so grateful for your support and orders through this time and I completely understand that many of you are leaving your house once or twice a week to do shopping, pick up prescriptions or support local restaurants by ordering dinner in for your families. Many of you have messaged me and we’re doing what we can to accommodate but keeping everyone safe is always our top priority.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Our goal here is contactless order pickup.
  • All orders will be made, processed and prepaid online  (please include your phone number) pickup windows will be scheduled by phone call or text message.
  • Pickup address will be provided after order has been placed.
  • All pickup windows will be scheduled 1 hour apart. I'll do my best to accommodate your schedule, all I ask is that you be on time and respectful of the pickups scheduled before or after your time slot.

And if local pickup isn't for you - no worries we are still shipping USPS First Class and Priority Mail, Monday through Friday every wee, most packages arrive within a few days. And I'll cover the shipping on all orders over $85.

Please use coupon code: LOCALPICKUP at checkout. And as always let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you so all so much for your support through this. Stay safe out there friends! ✨