Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

Sometimes it can be hard to say goodbye, but today we gather here to say goodbye to our beloved Wetsuit scent. 😢 

After more than 10 years of being a customer favorite here at Cosmic Bath & Beauty, our Wetsuit fragrance oil has been reformulated by our supplier. And, unfortunately, no longer fits our standard of clean for Cosmic. 

This discontinuation not only goes for our Organic Wetsuit Soap, the Wetsuit Body Scrubs and Wetsuit Body Frostings I currently have in stock will be the last of their kind as well. 

We know change can be challenging, especially if it was your favorite, so I've reserved the last drops of clean Wetsuit fragrance oil for custom orders. So reach out if you'll be missing this scent in your daily life.

On the bright side, this opens a spot for new scents, and we've decided we want to rotate in seasonal scents and old favorites that haven't been around in a while... Patchouli lover's I'm looking at you! 😉 So, what sorts of fragrances do you prefer? We only do clean ingredients, but I'm up for the creative challenge, so let me know. I'm excited to get started!!