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Hi there! Thanks so much for being here. At Cosmic we believe in natural beauty. Since 2010 we’ve been making simple and effective, non-toxic beauty and bodycare goods for people who know that good health is an essential part of their natural beauty routine. Let's redefine beauty together.

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Organic Body Soap . Palm Oil Free

I can almost guess what your thinking... "It's soap- how can it be any different than any other soap or...
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I can almost guess what your thinking... "It's soap- how can it be any different than any other soap or body wash?" Oh, my friend- but it is so different.

A true handmade soap, often referred to as lye soap is formulated lovingly by it's maker. For the last 10 years my emphasis is in carefully choosing only the very best ingredients to create a bar of soap that good for your skin, good to the earth and still affordable enough to use everyday.

Cosmic bar soaps effectively clean skin, without stripping away essential moisture when used daily, and that's because it still contains it's glycerine, which is often removed from commercial bars to be sold separately or added to the lotions they'd also like you to buy from them, wink-wink.

Carefully handcrafted in very small batches with just the right blend of organic oils and butters, make our bar soaps long lasting and rich lathering. Each bar is hand cut to approximately 3.5 oz size. We love offering them to you in our three most popular scents. 

  • Wetsuit {a non-toxic fragrance oil} is reminiscent of taking a deep breath, standing high along the cliffs of California's Hwy 1. Redwoods at your back and the Pacific Ocean for as far as the eye can see. Now just imagine a dose of this everyday at home, blended into our signature body soap formula.

  • Mint + Eucalyptus {an organic essential oil} far and above our best seller. This almost effervescent essential oil blend is revitalizing and pure magic when added to your bathing rituals. 

  • Lavender {an organic essential oil} thee most lovely, classic lavender scent suitable for anyone who finds peace and happiness in lavender. Our organic lavender essential oil is sourced from France.

  • Patchouli {an organic essential oil} a warm earthy scent, Patchouli is a favorite of many. 

Our bar soaps are handcrafted using Distilled Water, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Fair Trade Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), Organic Castor Oil and Rosemary Extract. May also contain Organic Pure Essential Oils, Non-toxic Fragrance Oils, Oxides or Natural Clays added for color and Vegetable Glycerin. All our bar soaps are ❤ Vegan.