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Hi there! Thanks so much for being here. At Cosmic we believe in natural beauty. Since 2010 we’ve been making simple and effective, non-toxic beauty and bodycare goods for people who know that good health is an essential part of their natural beauty routine. Let's redefine beauty together.

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Rich, moisturizing, buttery smooth, unsweetened and naturally scented. Our organic lip balm formula will help soothe, moisturize and protect lips delicate skin. Spearmint Lavender Orange  Cocoa  Seasonal Clove  Seasonal Vanilla Peppermint Trade up your petroleum-laden Chapstick and try a all natural alternative!
An extra special bonus to self care for so many reasons and takes little effort to gain the benefits. Exfoliate dry and dead skin cells that make skin look dull, revealing the healthier, more radiant skin below. Increase circulation also makes for healthier, happier skin. How often do you go in...