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Hi there! Thanks so much for being here. At Cosmic we believe in natural beauty. Since 2010 we’ve been making simple and effective, non-toxic beauty and bodycare goods for people who know that good health is an essential part of their natural beauty routine. Let's redefine beauty together.

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Summer Shimmer! An all natural, face and body shimmer with more sparkles than the nights sky. We're not talking glitter here- just a sweet golden shimmer that catches the light so magically. Apply liberally in all the right places, chest, shoulders, arms and back for an all-over glow, or on...
Handcrafted by our friend Candace from Lovely Woods Press especially for Cosmic Bath and Beauty. We currently only have the unprinted version of our eye pillow in stock.
Body scrubs are an essential part of self care for so many reasons and really take little effort to gain the benefits. Exfoliate dry and dead skin cells that make skin look dull, revealing the healthier, more radiant skin below. Increase circulation also makes for healthier, happier skin. How often...
Ladies, I think it's time we upgrade our baths. We all know moments of self-care are essential, time to soak away all the stress of the day, time to renew ourselves so that we can better serve our life and the ones we love another day. Gone are the days we soak...
Diminish wrinkles, tone muscles in the face, reduce puffiness and increased circulation are all benefits attributed to using a jade face roller daily. The Jade facial massage roller has it’s roots in Ancient Chinese Medicine and was commonly used by Chinese women for centuries to reduce wrinkles. The most famous...
Guys! These are the cutest little wood spoons ever! They are a lovely addition to your weekly beauty rituals. Perfect for measuring and mixing up a clay mask.   Large wood spoons for body scrubs measure: 4 1/2 inch  Small wood spoons for clay mask and face scrubs measure: 3 1/2 inch...