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Tub Tea Chamomile & Rose
Tub Tea Chamomile & Rose
Tub Tea Chamomile & Rose
Tub Tea Chamomile & Rose
Tub Tea Chamomile & Rose

Tub Tea Chamomile & Rose

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A mineral salt and herbal bath soak.

Ladies, I think it's time we upgrade our baths. We know moments of selfcare are essential. We need time to soak away all the stress of the day, time to renew ourselves so that we can better serve the ones we love another day.

Gone are the days we soak in over perfumed, chemically foamed tubs! I say we deserve more, we deserve better!

Here's what you need to know:

  • Chamomile + Rose Tub Tea is a mineral salt and herbal soak with a gentle sweet scent.

  • The tub tea formulation is vegan.

  • Made using Epsom Salts, Organic Chamomile, Calendula and Rose Petals.

  • 2 wt oz of bath soak packed in an oversized tea bag.

Create your dreamy bathing environment, music or silence, candles or moonlight, then just add the enclosed tea bag to your tub of warm running water to release the magic and melt away any stress or anxiety.

Ingredients are carefully chosen to be good and healing for your skin and gentle on the Earth. 

Established in 2010 based on the principles that small batch is best. We continue to craft each small batch using the finest natural ingredients in sunny California.

We are FREE Phthalates, Parabens, FD&C Dye's, Bismuth, Talc, Corn, Soy & Gluten and Cruelty Free.