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  • coconut rum pineapple soy candle, rose water, lavender water, clay mask powder
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Staycation Holiday Gift Box

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Staycation Gift Box is an invitation to treat yourself at home with a resort like spa treatment. A Selfcare Staycation.

It's official the holiday season and New Year's will be here in the blink of an eye... schedule yourself some uninterrupted time. Turn off your phone. Light your Staycation candle by locally make 464 Candles. And maybe even drawn yourself a bath while you mix your clay mask facial. Pull out that record player (remember, no phone) and begin applying your clay mask potion to your face, feel free in indulge your décolletage (neck and chest too.) Soak 10-20 minutes in your bath. After 20 minute begin removing your clay mask with a warm washcloth. Once all your clay mask has been removed, moisturize as usual. Feel free to step back into that tub and soak as long as you'd like. Take your sweet time. 

This gift box includes:

  • a 4oz Staycation candle from Modesto based 464 Candles
  • a full sized Skin Boost Clay Mask Powder *suitable for most skin types
  • a mini wood skincare spoon
  • a mini Lavender Water Toner
  • a mini Rose Water Toner
  • packaged in a gift box ready for gift-giving

Ingredients are carefully chosen to be good and healing for your skin and gentle on the Earth.
We were established in 2010 based on the principles that a small batch is always best. Therefore, we continue to craft each small batch using the finest natural ingredients.
We are FREE Phthalates, Sulphates, Parabens, FD&C Dye's, Petroleum, Bismuth, Talc, Corn, Soy & Gluten, and Cruelty-Free.

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Ingredients are non-toxic, natural and organic. *See individual product pages for accurate ingredient list.

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