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Stress Breakout First Aid Kit

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When indulging seems to be the theme. A little bit of this and a little bit of that, add a pinch of not enough rest and sprinkle on the added stress, and you wake up one morning with a big-ole, hard-to-miss zit. 

Obviously, it can happen any time of year, but the changing seasons can bring on the perfect storm for skincare breakouts. This little kit contains my go-to for quickly taking care of surprise breakouts, Skin Detox Clay Mask + Lavender Water Toner.

You can mix 2 full face masks with this first aid kit or use it as a spot treatment for the occasional unsightly breakout on your chin, nose, or forehead year round. If you use it as a spot treatment, you'll get more than 6 pimple rescues from this kit.

This kit includes

  • 1 mini glass vial of our Skin Detox Clay Mask Powder
  • 1 mini glass bottle of our Lavender Flower Water Toner spray
  • 1 mini wood spoon, essential for mixing clay masks
  • a card with mixing suggestions and directions for use
  • packed in a tin box & muslin bag 

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