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Mini Lavender & Rose Flower Water Toner Sample Pack

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So- let's talk toner. Now this is not the alcohol loaded toner from back in my high school days, where is was all about "Oil Free" {oooooh my poor teenage skin.} Nope, this is much gentler. It's a step in skincare that I think can be skipped if you're in a pinch or on a budget but I think if you give it a try, you'll find the benefits far out weight the price tag and the extra (1) minute it may add to your skincare ritual.

Flower waters are the natural byproduct of the steam distilling of plants or flowers when making essential oils. Each plants healing properties are literally infused into this magical distilled water to give us the opportunity to bless skin with all the magic plants have to offer in a super gentle and convenient form. In addition to all that, they help fight imbalance that cause blemishes and premature aging. We source floral waters that are all natural, alcohol-free and soothing for most skin types.

We are beyond happy to offer you mini versions of two floral water choices year round and you'll receive 1-10ml spray bottle of each:

  • Lavender Floral Water is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. Also those struggling with acne may find a benefit from lavenders antibacterial properties. {Contains pure lavender water.} ❤ Vegan. 

  • Rose Floral Water is suitable for all skin types, especially aging or sun loving skin. {Contains pure rose water.} ❤ Vegan. 

There are several ways you can incorporate these floral waters daily.

  • Morning and night, after cleansing and rinsing thoroughly- saturate a cotton ball with floral water and wipe face to remove any residual cleanser left behind.

  • Morning and night, after cleansing, rinsing and patting dry- spray face and neck immediately before applying your Radiant Complexion Oil Moisturizer.

  • Blend with your Detox or Boost Skin Clay Face Mask to spread the flower magic to your at home spa treatments.

  • Throughout the day - spritz your face midday for a refreshing pick-me-up.

  • Use as natural setting spray after makeup application for normal to dry skin types.


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