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Mini Skincare Buffet Gift Box

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Are you ready for softer, smoother, happier skin?

Cosmic Mini Skincare Buffet gives you a taste of it all. Try Cosmic skincare for 30 days + or give the gift of a natural skincare to a friend.

This collection covers all the skincare basics like, cleansing, toners, moisturizer, and exfoliation and includes a video guide that'll walk you through your collection and some skincare basics to get you started.

This Gift Set Includes:

  • 1- Organic Complexion Bar Soap
  • 1- Mini Lavender Toner Water
  • 1- Mini Rose Toner Water
  • 1- Mini Radiant Oil Moisturizer
  • 1- Mini Golden Oil Moisturizer
  • 1- Mini Skin Boost Clay Mask
  • 1- Mini Skin Detox Clay Mask
  • 1- Wood Spoon for mixing clay masks
  • Packed in a gift box
  • 1- Face Cleansing Brush

100% All Natural. Always Fragrance and Color Free.

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