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Seasonal Classic Margarita Body Polishing Scrub

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Skin looking dry and feeling dull?

Want to take your self-care to the next level but don't have much time?

Exfoliation is the perfect treat for the skin and your next self-care upgrade. Just choose your favorite scent and prepare to pamper yourself with spa-like quality treatment at home. Body Polishing Scrubs take little effort to gain significant benefits.

Benefits you gain from using body scrubs regularly:

  1. Exfoliate dry and dead skin cells that make skin look dull, revealing the healthier, more radiant skin below.
  2. Increased circulation also makes for healthier, happier skin.
  3. Moisturize skin, creating a barrier to protect skin from losing essential moisture throughout the day.
  4. Choose your favorite scent, and it not only improves your mood but if you feel good going into your day (or night, if you use it before bed), you are bound to keep making decisions that are better for you, one at a time.

We love offering them to you in our most popular scents. Classic Margarita is a fresh juicy scent and is only here for summer. It smells like your favorite cocktail on a warm afternoon. 

We carefully handcraft our hand+foot+body sugar scrubs in small batches to ensure the best quality. Formulated with skin-loving ingredients to create an exfoliating and moisturizing blend that your skin will love. Our scrubs are a whopping 16 wt oz packed in a plastic jar, suitable for shower, bath, or countertop use. 

How to use


cane sugar, sweet almond oil, pure essential oils, and rosemary extract

Storage & Shelf life