NEW RELEASE: Bloom Palette goes live on the Full Flower Moon

After a two-year long hiatus from releasing any new mineral makeup colors, I'm excited to finally share the magic we've been putting together for our inner circle, and that's YOU!

Inspiration is everywhere! Spring arrived early here this year - and our sunny late-winter days roused Mother Nature to burst into bloom. And this is the inspiration behind our first makeup palette release of the year. It's everything we love... natural shades that are easy to use, fun to play with, and beautiful with any skin tone. You don't have to be a makeup expert to have fun with this palette - it's simple enough to dust a little natural beauty on your face and feel pretty walking out the door to go to work, out for a special occasion or just meet up with friends.

Allow me to introduce you to our Bloom Palette. ✨ Consisting of 6 eye color shades + 1 blush, soft, feminine, and playful - these are just the colors I want to reach for after nearly 2 years without many reasons to dress up.

Bloom Palette: a spring collection from Cosmic Bath & Beauty

Our Bloom Palette will go live on the website for the Full Flower Moon, Monday May 16, 2022. These shades will be sold as a complete set.

Can't wait to share this magic with you! ✨🙌🏼✨