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Skin Boost Clay Mask Powder

Skin Boost Clay Mask Powder

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Don't underestimate the the difference the right exfoliator can make when used regularly. Visibly brighter and smoother skin, natural clays stimulate that top layer of skin, allowing it to regain its natural radiant glow. Clay mask facials are a simple weekly detox, naturally drawing out dirt, oil and other impurities buried deep in the pores as well as dead skin cells on the surface, all the while infusing skin with natural minerals. The result is fresh, clean skin, gently firming pores, giving your complexion a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Our clay mask blends are a dry formulation, giving you the most flexibility in customizing a mask that suits your needs. Suitable for most skin types. Choose from one of our two Clay Face Mask Formulations:

+ Boost Skin Clay Mask Powder is formulated for Normal to Dry or Sensitive Skin. A gentle mask that stimulates and infuses minerals into our top layer of skin, we recommend a 10 - 20 minute mask time. Handcrafted using Made using Kaolin Clay, Moroccan Clay, Organic Matcha Green Tea. ❤ Vegan

  • 20g jar of dry clay blend.
  • Use 1 -2 times weekly on clean skin for a healthy, radiant glow.
  • To make one full face mask, mix 1 tsp dry clay, with liquid of choice. Yogurt, honey, fruit juices or our very own Floral Water Toners. Blend until you get a nice creamy paste. Avoid using metal bowls or spoons when mixing or applying. Apply to clean skin using fingers or a clean cosmetic brush and always discard any left over mask. Allow to set 5m for sensitive skin, longer for normal skin. Remove the mask by softening with a warm soaked washcloth, rinse well, follow up with extraction, toner and moisturizer. 
  • I suggest exfoliating in the evening and be sure to wear sunscreen during the day to protect new exposed skin.


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