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Face Soap Organic Gentle Daily Cleanser

Face Soap Organic Gentle Daily Cleanser

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Cleansing our skin daily is the very first step in proper skincare. Our face wash is an organic gentle complexion bar soap. A soap formulated to help skin to naturally balance itself. Our unscented formula, gently cleanses the skin without stripping it of essential moisture.

  • Suitable for most skin types. 

  • Use 1 time daily, using it more than once per day may be drying. Use in your evening skincare routine, I recommend washing your face at the end of your day to wash away dirt, oils, makeup and environmental pollution before a good nights rest. In the morning- just splash your face with some warm or cool water. Follow up with Floral Water Toner of your choice, Radiant Complexion Oil Moisturizer and your favorite sunblock.

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