Radiant Oil Cold Weather PSA

Radiant Oil Cold Weather PSA

cold weather radiant oil liquid gold in glass bottles

Happy Fall Y'all! One season just seems to roll right into the next. I still haven't made up my mind, if I was quite done with summer yet... how are you feeling about the change of weather? I'm known for resisting the colder months of the year around here but I'm doing my best to look for the highlights and embrace these next few months, it is temporary afterall.

With the temperatures starting to fall all over the country, it has come to my attention that it may be much cooler in your neck of the woods that it is mine. And with the cold weather upon us, it's time to warn you about the possibility of your Radiant Oil solidifying (similar to coconut oil) in temperatures of 50 degrees or below.

Most of our homes are far warmer than this but you could find that your Radiant Oil arrives in the mail either completely or partially solid as pictured below. Some people describe it as looking separated or goopy but it's neither and a super simple fix. Reviving your Radiant Oil is as easy as bringing it to room temperature. And I'm here to suggest a couple of my favorite ways to do this.

melting your radiant face oil safely

The first is simply holding your bottle between warm hands like pictured here. The warmth of your hands is plenty to get your Radiant Oil to begin relaxing and sitting at room temperature will take it the rest of the way. Another option is placing your bottle in a cup of warm water, just gently warming these precious oils so that they begin to melt again. If you choose to to use the warm water method, please be aware it will begin to lift and remove your label. I intentionally choose labels that are easy to remove in warm 

warm cosmic radiant complexion oil between warm hands in colder climates gently melt your radiant complexion oil in a cup of warm water

Just as a side note, I don't recommend microwaving your Radiant Oil or using any harsh heat source to begin the melting process. Applying too much heat to your oils can deteriorate their quality and lower the effectiveness of the plant's natural qualities.