Cosmic DIY Beauty Series: Kitchen Skincare with Green Tea

Kitchen Skincare
Hey friends! 
It's week 2 in our Kitchen Skincare Series and I'm sharing about a hundred ways to work this common kitchen ingredient into our daily, weekly or even monthly skincare practice.

This week’s kitchen ingredient is high in antioxidants and powerful at fighting inflammation. You can benefit by both adding it to your diet daily and using it in your natural skin care rituals. And if you stocked up on yogurt after last weeks video, this week I’ll teach you how to use this weeks ingredient with yogurt to pamper your skin✨
Any guesses on what this magic kitchen ingredient is... Green tea! Everything you've heard is true and sipping green tea isn't the only way to reap the benefits watch this weeks episode for simple ways your skin can benefit. Watch now on Instagram or on Facebook!!✨ You can join us LIVE every Saturday morning at 10am in our Facebook group or on IGTV @cosmicbath_beauty.

If you give it a try - be sure to tag #cosmicdiybeauty and let me know whatcha think. And join me next Saturday for another installment of Kitchen Skincare.