Cosmic DIY Beauty Series: Kitchen Skincare with Oatmeal

Cosmic DIY Beauty Series: Kitchen Skincare with Oatmeal

diy kitchen skincare

Hi friends!

Thanks so much for joining me for our 6th and final week of DIY Skincare from the kitchen.

This week's humble skin loving ingredient is surely to become a favorite among our sensitive skin beauties. It's a good one for all of us to keep in mind when our complexion is in need of some extra tender loving care. Extremely sensitive skin, rosacea, eczema, acne prone skin, blackheads, chemical sensitivity or sunburn, all skin issues that could see a benefit from saving some of that breakfast food for their skincare practice.

What is this skincare superhero you ask? It's oatmeal! And not the one with sugars and flavors added - we're looking for the plain oatmeal with no sugar added when applying it to our skin. Learn how with me.

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