Face Mask Friday: July's Full Moon Facial

Face Mask Friday: July's Full Moon Facial

July Full Moon Face Mask

I like to think of the Full Moon as a big bright reminder for self-care. It seems like someone's always blaming some-sorta chaos on the full moon, haha. But like many things in our lives, we get to define what this time means to us. For me, it's a beautiful time to reflect on the intentions I set during the new moon phase and celebrate how far I've come. And yup, you've probably already guessed it, this week, we're celebrating by setting some time aside for a bit of self-care with an at-home facial recipe you have to try.

You can find this weekend's superstar companion ingredient in your kitchen. Its skin clarifying, brightening, and pore tightening properties are ideal for aging/mature and oily/acne-prone skin types. 

What do you need this week? A non-metal bowl and spoon, your Skin Boost or Skin Detox Clay Mask (depending on your skin type), and one egg separated. We only need the egg whites for this recipe.

Who's this clay mask blend good for? Aging/mature skin can benefit from the brightening, tightening, and firming qualities that the egg whites give this mask when blended with our Skin Boost Clay Mask Powder. If you've got larger pores or oily/acne-prone skin, eggs whites incorporated into our Skin Detox Clay Mask Powder boost the pore clarifying properties of the detox mask blend. In addition, eggs whites aid in eliminating build-up, helping clear pores and hair follicles that make too much sebum. 

Using a non-metal bowl and spoon, blend:

For aging/mature skin ⭒  use 1/2 tsp (1 rounded wood skincare spoon) of Skin Boost Clay Mask Powder 


For oily/acne-prone skin ⭒ use 1/2 tsp (1 rounded wood skincare spoon) Skin Detox Clay Mask Powder 

⭒ 1/2 - 1 Tbs of chilled egg whites

⭒ Blend to make a paste, add more clay or egg whites until you get a rich, thick consistency

⭒ Apply mask to clean, dry skin, then sit back and relax for 5 to 15 minutes depending on how sensitive your skin is and be sure to discard any leftover clay mask. Blending a new, fresh mask each week.

⭒ Rinse well with warm water, making sure you've removed all your clay mask

⭒ Follow up with the rest of your skincare practice, toner, serum, and a gentle facial massage with your favorite moisturizing face oil

Just like always, I invite you to exfoliate after sunset, giving your skin several hours before being exposed to sunlight the next day, and do not forget your sunscreen!




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