The Skin Diet Connection: Are we really what we eat?

The Skin Diet Connection: Are we really what we eat?

The Skin Diet Connection

Want to know what may be the best-kept secret in the beauty industry? Science has shown we have the privilege to affect how quickly we're aging by our lifestyle choices.

Lifestyle choices are the areas of our life we have control over. These opportunities to exercise choice directly affect our lives by influencing our energy and mood, healing or fighting off illness, even having the power to turn off and on genes.

So how does this connect to skin and diet? The health of our skin is a direct reflection of what's going on inside our bodies. And although we usually focus on what we're putting on our skin here, I'm putting on my Health Coaching hat for you over the next few #wellnesswednesdays to share what I know about the connection between food and our skin. I've been working with women for over a decade to help them achieve their healthy skincare goals, and it's hard to deny that what we eat and how our body digests foods are two significant factors in getting that glow and starting to look and feel their best.

When addressing our diet, a few things to consider are: How healthy is your digestion? How can you support your body's natural detoxification processes? Are you eating a variety of skin-friendly foods? What does it mean to consume healthy fats?

Food has a lot of influence on our health and wellness, and it's the fuel our digestive system breaks down to power every cell of the body. So if we eat a variety of whole, alive, fresh foods, it can be the foundation that supports healthy aging and wellness.

So tell me, what does it look like to eat for beauty and wellbeing. Beauty from the inside out starts with little things like preparing foods at home and allowing the seasons to influence the meals you eat to get the freshest, most nutritious foods. And big things like quitting sugar, limiting alcohol, processed foods, or any foods that are difficult for the body to digest and process.

Over the next few weeks, I want to guide you on a little journey of eating pretty. I'm excited for you to join me here every Wednesday where we'll learn how to make tweaks and changes to our eating habits to support beauty from he inside out. 

xo, Michelle