The Skin Diet Connection: What's the best diet for good skin?

The Skin Diet Connection: What's the best diet for good skin?


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So, what's the best diet for good skin?

The health of our skin is a direct reflection of what's going on inside our bodies. I've been working with women for over a decade to help them look and feel their best, and it's hard to deny that what we eat and how our body digests foods are two significant factors in getting that healthy glow.

So, is it Paleo, Keto, Plant-based, and how does our typical American diet fare when it comes to supporting the health and aging of our skin?

I think it's essential first to understand, every one of us is entirely different. And the foods that make one person shine can be deadly to another. However, studies show that one way of eating gives our body the best chance of looking and feeling our best. What to know the secret? It's choosing to eat a variety of seasonal, colorful, and fresh whole foods every day. 

Not just on weekdays, not when we're on a diet... every day. At least 80% of the foods we eat should be nutrient-dense choices. It's why swapping coffee for breakfast isn't always a good idea. Although a cup of black coffee can be filling and is high in antioxidants, what other nutrients could you be missing out on by skipping the first meal of the day? Also, how do you take your coffee, with dairy and sugar?

We all know that the foods we choose have a profound effect on our health, and it's the fuel our digestive system breaks down to power every cell of the body. So choosing to eat a variety of whole, live, fresh foods can be the foundation that supports healthy aging and wellness.

Where do we start? I think it's good that we occasionally ask ourselves why we choose the foods we eat? Reasons may include taste, whether or not we're watching our weight, its healthiness, and with our busy lifestyles, it's often based on convenience.

So, what does it look like to set an intention to eat for beauty and wellbeing? Beauty from the inside out starts with allowing the seasons to influence our meals, so we get to eat the freshest, most nutritious foods. And it's not enough to eat your greens. What you want to strive for is to eat the rainbow. It's suggested we eat as many different fruits and vegetables from the colors of the rainbow as we can. Fruits and vegetables come in about seven different colors, and each one of these colors provides a different set of health promoting properties. Eating a diet of whole foods gives us the widest variety of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that become the fuel for every cell of the body when broken down by a healthy digestive system. 

Do you want your cells fueled by Cheetos or a hand full of almonds, a cup of black coffee, or a hard-boiled egg or an apple?

Any of these choices will satisfy your hunger for a bit, but all behave so differently in our bodies. 

So what's on the shortlist of beauty betrayers? Popular in the typical American diet, a big one is quitting sugar. Sugar could be responsible for your acne as well as premature aging. It's linked to inflammation and glycation of collagen that results in stiffening and loss of skin elasticity. The more sugar we have, the more damage we do. Also, limiting alcohol, fried and processed foods or any foods difficult for the body to digest and process help get us a glow unmatched by even the most expensive skincare or makeup product made today.

Where are you on your healthy eating journey? I want to know!

xo, Michelle