Softest Smoothest Summer Skin Guide

Body Scrub Guide


I love soft and smooth skin! I know it's not for everyone - but it's definitely for me, and if you love your skin feeling silky, I've got a guide for you this week. Of course, it's hard to deny it's body scrub season with our Cosmic Body Scrubs flying off the shelves, but who can blame you? These scrubs have been a summertime staple in your self-care rituals for the last ten years.


Body Scrub Guide


But did you know exfoliating in summer requires special care? Well, that's what we're covering today. Here's a guide of everything you 100% need to know before your next body scrub session this summer: 

  • Always exfoliate in the evening, allowing the skin to recover for several hours before being exposed to the sun.
  • Always wear sunscreen every day. But especially remember to reapply sunscreen more often after doing any exfoliating the day before.
  • Did you know that you can use your Body Polishing Scrubs on wet or dry skin? Wet skin application: Use at the end of your shower or bath on damp skin. You want to use a generous scoop, being careful not to introduce water into your scrub jar - massage skin from your neck down to your toes. Rinse well and pat dry. Dry skin application: Step into your tub or shower with the water off. Using a generous scoop of body polishing scrub, massage dry skin in a circular motion, beginning with your toes and feet, working your way up your legs, all over your body up to your neck. Once you've scrubbed neck to toes, doing your full dry body scrub, turn the water on, rinse well and pat dry. 
  • Using a body polishing scrub encourages dead, dry skin cells to shed healthily. The skins cells have the potential to reproduce every 28 days. Exfoliating helps this process along.
  • The moisturizing oils in our body scrub formulations help condition skin and create a barrier that protects skin from moisture loss.
  • Massage increases circulation. As you rub your body scrub into your skin, the increased blood flow carries oxygen and nutrients to cells throughout the body, including our skin. So more blood flow nourishes skin cells, and that's self-care on a cellular level, YAY! 
  •  Our exfoliating body scrubs are also an aromatherapy practice. Invitation for use: put on your favorite playlist, turn down the lights, and slowly breathe deeply with intention. Choose a scrub made with essential oils, and you get the added benefit of how the plant's oils interact with the brain chemistry, like some kinda plant magic. 
  • Use your body scrub 1-2 times a week. Your skin will feel amazing after using your scrub, and you'll want to use it more and more often, but exfoliating too often can dry out the skin.


Body Scrub How-to Guide


LOCALS >>> We just dropped off a shipment of fresh body scrubs: Lavender, Mint Eucalyptus, and Wetsuit at one of our favorite local spots, The Spa on Olive in Turlock. Their customers love the hand scrub they added to facial treatments using Cosmic Body Polishing Scrubs. So order your scrub online or stop in at The Spa and pick up a scrub from their retail area so that you can treat your skin before the weekend!


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