Skin Diet Connection Meets Healthy Habits Challenge

Skin Diet Connection Meets Healthy Habits Challenge

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Over the last several weeks, we've been making the connection between a healthy diet and good skin. Answering the question, "Are we really what we eat?" So, of course, today, I want to take this one step further with a new Cosmic Healthy Habits Challenge!

Each week, I'll be choosing one small thing that we can do every day to get us closer to our most happy, healthy skin from the inside out. The health of our skin is a direct reflection of what's going on inside our bodies.  

So, what's the challenge look like? Every Wednesday on the blog, we'll focus on one habit we can work on to improve our health and give you some tips to get you started. We can share our progress on IG or FB and connect there! Just one small thing each week. I know it takes much longer to form a habit, but I think practicing a new habit for one week might be the motivation we need to keep going. You can join in for them all or join us for the ones you want to work on most. (Hint, each week, I'll share next week's challenge.)

Although the challenge is personal, we're in this together. So follow on Instagram and Facebook for daily healthy habits support all week long. 

Where are we starting? This week is personal for me... it's my dark little secret, my greatest challenge in living a balanced lifestyle. This week, our Healthy Habits Challenge is to drink our healthy daily water intake. So there you have it, I'm 99% certain I'm chronically dehydrated. But I'm ready to change that, are you?

First, let's set a goal, how much water is a healthy daily intake? 

64 oz of water per day is an excellent place to start, but the target goal should be half our body weight in water. For example, I weigh about 135 lbs, making my ideal daily water intake 67.5 oz per day. 

Now we need a little motivation! Let's define what our why is? Since an adult human body is about 60% water, dehydration can be a real bummer on our system, and we all know that. So how do we connect the goal of staying sufficiently hydrated, with our values? 

Let's explore the benefits and see how they rate on a scale of 1 - 5. One, being not important to you, and five being very important to you.

  • Balanced energy, feeling less fatigued (5, important to me)
  • Better focus, no more foggy-headedness (5, important to me)
  • Reduced bloating and swelling (5, important to me)
  • Smoother, brighter, glowy looking skin (5, important to me)
  • Lightening of under-eye circles (2 for me)
  • No more dehydration, headaches & migraines (5, important to me)
  • Feeling full instead of snacking (5, important to me)
  • Helping with digestion and keeping you regular (5, important to me)

How'd you rate? I'd say pretty much everything listed is super important to me and totally worth the 100 times I know I'm going to have to pee today, haha!

to future me

So, where do we start?

  1. Start drinking water early, right after waking up. Before coffee or tea, water should be our first choice in the morning to wake up our digestive system.
  2. Carry your water with you. If you carry a water bottle with you all day, every day, you're far more likely to meet your daily intake.
  3. If you don't have a taste for water, try adding cucumber, lemon, mint, or fruit like ripe summer melon to start. Your favorite flavors will make the adoption of our new habit a little easier to swallow. (heehee)

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Next week #healthyhabitschallenge is going to be to prepare food at home and avoid processed foods. Will you take the #cosmichealthyhabitschallenge? Will you join us each week, or is there one you're specifically looking forward to working on? 

Want to learn more about hydration and its importance for the skin? You can do that here.