Summer Skincare Guide: Hydration vs Moisture

Summer Skincare Guide: Hydration vs Moisture

Summertime is finally here!! How can we be sure our skin is well protected from the effects of our beloved sun this summer and what exactly are we protecting our skin from?

One major concern that comes to mind is protecting skin from excessive water loss in drier summer climates.

Last week on the blog, we talked about how when the temperatures rise, our skin is more prone to more natural water loss (sweating), which can lead to dehydration on a cellular level if not appropriately addressed. You can read up on that here.

This week I'm sharing how to protect skin by locking in essential moisture, hydration vs. moisture, and how we make it all work for us.

  • When we're talking about skincare, and we refer to hydration, we're talking about water on a cellular level that plumps up every cell of the body, including our skin. Our goal is to lock the nice plump, hydrated cells in our skin with our moisturizer. We all sweat, which is needed, natural and essential to the function of our skin. You'll find a good moisturizer creates a barrier that should protect skin from excessive water loss. Find a moisturizer you love and use it every morning and night without fail.
  • The order of our skincare matters in protecting our skin! Water-based products first, then oil-based products to follow. For example, toners, water-based serum like our Plumping Serum with Hylauronic Acid & Vitamin B5, followed by your favorite moisturizing oil or cream, and sunscreen.
  • Don't exfoliate too often! When we exfoliate, we're encouraging dead skin cells that maybe clinging to that top layer of skin to shed in a healthy manner. Exfoliating can give skin a healthy glow, but if we're exfoliating too often, we can cause an imbalance in the epidermis.

For more info, watch our Skin Hydration vs Moisture on Cosmic IGTV.

Next week we're talking sunscreens sun protection here on the blog. Until then, "Cheer's to healthy skin this summer!"

xo, Michelle

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