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Cosmic DIY Beauty Series: Kitchen Skincare with Greek Yogurt

Hey friend! Welcome to our first week of DIY Beauty and we're getting started in the kitchen. This weeks skin loving kitchen ingredient can add glow to our complexion both topically as a mask, as well as adding it to our diet. Full of probiotics (gut friendly bacteria) which helps strengthens our immune system and aids in digestion, both powerful systems we depend on for good skin. What is the magic kitchen ingredient that you're likely to have right in your refrigerator? Greek Yogurt! Who would've thought... you can plan for a healthy breakfast and a moisturizing mask rich in AHA's all in the same bowl. Haha! Well maybe I wouldn't recommend them in the same bowl but you know...

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Safe Front Porch Pickup is now available in Turlock!

  Hey friend! Beginning Friday April 17th, we slowly began rolling out a safe scheduled front porch pickup option for our local customers. In the past two weeks we've learned a lot and are ready to make this free option to you. I am so grateful for your support and orders through this time and I completely understand that many of you are leaving your house once or twice a week to do shopping, pick up prescriptions or support local restaurants by ordering dinner in for your families. Many of you have messaged me and we’re doing what we can to accommodate but keeping everyone safe is always our top priority. Here's what you need to know: Our goal here is contactless order pickup. All orders will...

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The Ugly Truth: Are potentially harmful chemicals hiding in our daily beauty routine?

One fine day back in 2005 a message popped into my email box with a subject line that read: ‘Is your shampoo making you fat?’ followed by a list of their top 5 ingredients to avoid and then challenged you to see if your daily beauty routine was as clean as marketing implied. Yikes! I was beyond disappointed to find that my beauty drawer needed some cleaning up. So here’s the dirty truth to answer the question, "Is your shampoo making you fat?" Harmful chemicals are added to the cosmetics we use everyday for various reasons. Although allowed in small quantities by the FDA, the average woman uses as many as 20 cosmetic products on any given day. Some of those...

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Organic Tinted Lip Balms | Spring + Summer Collection

Hello beautiful sisters!  Spring has arrived and that means summer isn't far behind. I have not been working on my bikini body but I'm looking forward to sunshine, road trips and barefaced good looking skin none the less. Armed with my trusty sunblock, Soft Focus, Tinted Lip Balm and that's it! These tinted lip balms have a rich and buttery texture that won't dry out that kissable pout of yours and the color is vibrant and playful, just what I look for in a lip color. Formulated in a cocoa butter lip balm base, you'll be able to take your tinted lip balm with you day or night. Available now! Just $17 each. I've only made a small batch of each...

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