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2020 Fall - Holiday Events & Popups

With Fall well underway and the holidays on the horizon, I've received a few messages asking if we'd be participating in any pop-up events or local shows. Although like many of you, I can not wait to get back to normal and see all your sweet faces in person...

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Updates to our Local Front Porch Pickup

  SAFE FRONT PORCH PICKUP NOW AVAILABLE IN TURLOCK *** Edited 10/29/20 *** Hi there friends! It's fall 2020 and our lives are getting busier and this week alone I completely messed up two local pickups simply because I'm not home 24/7 anymore like I was back when quarantine first started in spring. It's been on my mind to update our Local Pickup procedures and this week's flubs confirmed my feelings. Scheduled local pickups will still be available at checkout but with a few new tweaks that I think are important for you to be aware of. I think by now, we are all able to make decisions about our health, manage our own risk, and be courteous to our...

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Radiant Oil Cold Weather PSA

Happy Fall Y'all! One season just seems to roll right into the next. With the temperatures starting to fall all over the country, it has come to my attention that it may be much cooler in your neck of the woods that it is mine. And with the cold weather upon us, it's time to warn you about the possibility of your Radiant Oil...

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Cosmic DIY Beauty Series: Kitchen Skincare with Oatmeal

Hi friends! Thanks so much for joining me for our 6th and final week of DIY Skincare from the kitchen. This week's humble skin loving ingredient is surely to become a favorite among our sensitive skin beauties. It's a good one for all of us to keep in mind when our complexion is in need of some extra tender loving care. Extremely sensitive skin, rosacea, eczema, acne prone skin, blackheads, chemical sensitivity or sunburn, all skin issues that could see a benefit from saving some of that breakfast food for their skincare practice. What is this skincare superhero you ask? It's oatmeal! And not the one with sugars and flavors added - we're looking for the plain oatmeal with no...

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Cosmic DIY Beauty Series: Kitchen Skincare with Apple Cider Vinegar

Hi friends!! We're back in the kitchen again for week 5, where we take common ingredients you can likely find in your fridge or pantry and learn how to play with them in our natural skincare practice. Alrightie, where are my ladies with acne prone skin or with hyperpigmentation/ melasma at? We may be the ones who benefit most from this week's ingredient. Rich in AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) that work to gently exfoliate skin by dissolving dead skin cells. Topically applying it to skin delivers beneficial enzymes proteins and good bacteria. And just when you think it couldn’t get any better we find out it’s antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiseptic and helps balance our skin’s Ph, and that’s a big win...

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